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Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/12/2022 - 01:51

We appreciate your interest in Freyr’s webinar series. Our recent session on ‘Label the Labelling Data to organize, regulate, simplify, uncomplicate – EU,’ has successfully been concluded.

Revisit the Session Here

What was it all about?

It is evident that the labelling requirements in the European Union are dissimilar given various region-specific regulations across 27 member states. Due to the overhaul of Brexit, the Regulatory landscape has become uncertain. In such a complex situation, how can manufacturers track the label changes and implement them accurately in real-time? Shouldn’t they adapt to the next level labelling tracking and implementation? If yes, how should they proceed?

Answering all those queries, during the webinar session, our colleagues - Mr. Kiran Chinnalla, Sr. Manager, Global Labelling, and Mr. Robert MacDougall, Vice President, Business Development –discussed about:

  • Labelling and Historical Challenges
  • Labelling - Ongoing Regulations/Trends and Associated Challenges
  • Next Level Labelling – Adopting Best Practices
  • Freyr LABEL 360 and the Key Concepts

We have also scheduled a webinar session on the same topic for RoW market. Would you like to be a part of that session?

Will update you soon on the session for ROW region.

Label the Labeling Data – Europe Organize • Regulate • Simplify • Uncomplicate